Keynote: The Future — What's Next?


16:40 — 17:25 (UTC)

Keynote: The Future — What's Next?

A chat between Ash and Shay about where Elastic is headed and what are the most important topics for the future.

Followed by three technical deep-dives into common community questions:

  • Security on by default in 8.0 — why it is so important and what it took to make it a reality, presented by Mandy.
  • From Logstash over Beats to Elastic Agent, where is the ingestion story headed in the Elastic Stack, discussed by Nicolas.
  • And finally, where are the security products headed with some recent acquisitions and exciting technologies like OPA and eBPF, shown by Tony.
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Shay Banon
Founder, CTO | Elastic
Nicolas Ruflin
Principal Software Engineer II, Observability | Elastic
Tony Meehan
Security Team Lead | Elastic
Mandy Andress
CISO | Elastic
Ashutosh Kulkarni
CEO | Elastic
Keynote: The Present — Who We Are