Build your own Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (with ECK) using the GitOps approach


17:40 — 17:47 (UTC)

Build your own Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (with ECK) using the GitOps approach

This lightning talk is about ECK and choosing a GitOps approach for managing all your clusters.

First we will briefly explain GitOps and the main drivers we wanted to achieve like better productivity, higher reliability, consistent deployments, standard configurations and ensured Security configuration in-place.

We talk about the benefits (in our case ArgoCD) of setting up clusters using a GitOps approach. We will also cover our approach of creating Helm chart based deployments for Elasticsearch, Kibana and more. Additionally, we will briefly explain how we automated certain Elasticsearch features with a developed configloader (like templates, ingest pipelines, ILM policies, SLM/snapshots configuration and easy to extend) to ensure our desired state. As result we have created complete hands-off and managed Kubernetes cluster service with ECK Operator managed Elastic tenants for each domain.

This is the ultimate building block to provide self-service and a future-ready integration for DevOps teams.

Last slide will be looking back to the achievements we made like hardening and share learnings when it becomes to doing maintenance, sailing with ECK and fully going cloud native.

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Arnold van wijnbergen
Principal Consultant | Fullstaq
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