A practical, real-world learning environment for students


22:00 — 22:25 (UTC)

A practical, real-world learning environment for students

Join in and take part in the Pima Community College Center of Excellence (CoE) adventure. We are standing up a student-run Data Center and have the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range (AZCWR) on campus. Thanks to Elastic, we are in process of standing up a SIEM that will be taking in international feeds of IOCs to produce actionable intelligence. The goal is to have active data where students will be making a difference while learning threat analysis.

The whole idea of the CoE is to provide hands-on IT skills by duplicating a complex data center, managing the classrooms, and learning business best practices. Then, students head into the AZCWR disruptive data center and hacking environment to break the same types of infrastructure. The AZCWR is free and open to the pubic.

With the knowledge and experience gained, the analysis makes a whole lot more sense. With everything being student-run and operated, it becomes more than a lab. It becomes a practical learning environment, where mistakes are made and problems are overcome collaboratively.

Come and listen in on the start of our endeavor.

Full session Introductory and overview Observability Security
Will McCullen
Program Manager | Pima Community College
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